Japan Rail Pass HP


The Japan Rail Pass, also called the JR Pass, is a rail pass for overseas visitors sold by the Japan Railways Grop, and is valid for travel on all major forms of transportation provided by the JR Group in Japan, with a few exceptions. The Rail Pass is designed to stimulate travel and tourism throughout the country.


The Rail Pass comes in two varieties, one for each class of service, Standard Car and Green Car . Furthermore, the pass is time limited based on the length of pass purchased. Three time periods are available: seven-day, fourteen-day and twenty-one-day passes, which provide the user unlimited use of JR transportation services. The table below summarizes the prices for each pass. The amounts are listed in Japanese yen. When purchasing the Exchange Order (see below), the purchaser will pay the appropriate amount in the purchaser's home country currency based on the current exchange rate.


Class 7 Day 14 Day 21 Day
Green Car Adult ¥38,880 ¥62,950 ¥81,870
Child ¥19,440 ¥31,470 ¥40,930
Standard Car Adult ¥29,110 ¥46,390 ¥59,350
Child ¥14,550 ¥23,190 ¥29,670