Landmark of plum

Mukoujima Hyakkaen Plum Festival - Tokyo

2/7-3/8 9:00-17:00

It's famous as a landmark of plum from the Edo Period latter period.

These festivals hold the street performance which enjoys Differentiation of Edo and Japanese confection making according to the best time of plum.

Odawara Plum Festival - Tokyo


The mountains in Mt. Fuji and Hakone is also seen. About 35,000 plums bloom.Odawara paper lantern dance and an event of a lion dance are performed.

Negishi Shirin Park - Kanagawa

There is Bairin where 310 plums bloom.You can go on a picnic at a wide lawn.

Sankeien - Kanagawa

Plum, cherry tree and plant of Fuji and an iris are beautiful.There is three-storied pagoda. It has abundant historic landmarks.

Odawara Flower Garden - Kanagawa

It's famous as wods of plum with the large number of kinds.There is also a tropical dome greenhouse a tropical plant can enjoy.

Taura Ume No Sato - Kanagawa

It's in the hill where Yokosuka harbor is looked around. Plum and daffodil are beautiful.

Honzawa Baien - Kanagawa

The famous place where about 1000 plums bloom.The "wrench of plum"which can harvest a fruit from a plum tree is also performed in June.

Yugawara Bairin - Kanagawa

4000 plums bloom. It's to the extent it's called a carpet of plum.An event is being also frequently lit up.

Yushima Tenjin - Tokyo

"White Plum in Yushima"is famous.Because Sugawarano Michizane publicity is being deified, it's learned about as God of learning.

Ikegami Baien - Tokyo

The garden which is next to Ikegami Honganji.The plum which is a flower in Ota-ku blooms.

Oume Plum Park - Tokyo

The center of Yoshino Umesato where about 80 kinds of 1200 plum blooms.