Tokyo 2020 Overview
Outline of the Organisational Plan

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad
Friday, 24 July – Sunday 9 August 2020

Number of Sports: 28

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
Tuesday, 25 August – Sunday 6 September 2020

Number of Sports: 22

By the marathon game of Tokyo Olympic Games,Pass the Imperial Palace and the Ginza from Olympic Stadium,It runs looking at TOKYO SKYTREE at the front, and the course turned up in Asakusa is planned.

Asakusa of the sightseeing spot in Tokyo and shopping spots, such as the Ginza, are included in this marathon course. Furthermore, there is also SKYTREE. The rows of houses of the historical famous place or the present age can also be enjoyed through this course.


The highlight of the Ginza and Asakusa is introduced. 



There are a beautiful scene of the Imperial Palace, and a historied temple and Zojo-ji temple.Moreover, much brand Schopp also has. 



There are many Nakamise St. where a souvenir store, and a candy store stand in a row,and Senso-ji temple is there.Hanayashiki which are the amusement parks of a long-established store, and longtime restaurants. And there is SKYTREE which is the new place. Various institutions, such as an observatory, a restaurant, and a shopping mall, are located in SKYTREE. Asakusa -- here --.